African car e-commerce platform: Cheki

Cheki is an African car e-commerce platform. Through the advertising media platform, Cheki allows users to buy and sell cars, four-wheel drive vehicles, trucks, bicycles, trucks, etc. It has sites in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Cheki Government Network:

Cheki service content:

1. Auto loan

Cheki Finance is a car loan service designed to effectively meet the financing needs of Nigerian car buyers. This service is provided by Cheki Nigeria in cooperation with top financial institutions.

Cheki Finance provides car buyers with fast car loans for the purchase of second-hand Nigerian cars, foreign second-hand cars or brand new cars listed on Cheki.

2. Insurance

Cheki cooperates with local auto insurance companies to launch auto insurance services. Users only need to fill in the insurance form on the page and save it to get a quote.

5 advantages of insuring your car through Cheki: fast and low-cost comprehensive Nigeria car insurance; choose from a range of car insurance providers and policies; fast and friendly claims process; get it on the same day you buy and drive your car Your Nigeria compulsory third party; trouble-free Nigeria comprehensive auto insurance.

3. Spare accessories

Fill out the spare parts application form through the page, tell Cheki which spare parts or auto parts you need, Cheki will help you contact the best suppliers.