Brazil’s e-commerce platform: Casasbahia

Founded in 1952, Casas Bahia is a retail chain specializing in furniture and household appliances. It currently operates more than 700 stores across Brazil. Casas Bahia also launched its own e-commerce website. It is reported that the website not only sells furniture and household appliances, but also provides consumer electronics and computers, as well as a […]

African car e-commerce platform: Cheki

Cheki is an African car e-commerce platform. Through the advertising media platform, Cheki allows users to buy and sell cars, four-wheel drive vehicles, trucks, bicycles, trucks, etc. It has sites in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda. Cheki Government Network: Cheki service content: 1. Auto loan Cheki Finance is a car loan service designed to effectively […]

French e-commerce website for outdoor sports products: Go Sport

Go Sport is a part of Group Go Sport. It is a sports brand store with the same reputation as Di Kalong. It mainly deals in sportswear, shoes and hats, and sports equipment. Go Sport official website: Go Sport entry conditions: 1. Enterprise qualification; 2. European Union bank account; 3. French customer service; 4. […]

French e-commerce platform: Cdiscount

Cdiscount is the largest e-commerce platform in France, mainly in the form of low-cost wholesale. Its products cover toys, electronic products, household appliances, baby products, bags, toys, etc. Cdiscount 官 网 : https: // Cdiscount can sell products: 1. DVD, Blu-ray, books and music; 2. Computer, photography, telephone and audio-visual equipment; 3. Household appliances, household […]

India’s mother and baby e-commerce platform: FirstCry

India’s maternal and child e-commerce platform, FirstCry’s office is currently located in Pune, and orders are shipped from warehouses located across India. FirstCry official website: Features of FirstCry: 1. Retailers settled in + self-operated brand At first, the mother and baby products on FirstCry were completely dependent on their own supply inventory. A few years […]

What is Decosmill Group

De Kosmeer Group is a German automotive parts supplier, mainly engaged in automotive electrical systems, electrical and electronic components, interior parts, storage systems, plastics, mold manufacturing and logistics. Decosmir official website: Established in 1958, Decosmill Group is one of the top 100 automotive suppliers. It operates 58 sites in 22 countries on 4 continents […]

Consumer buying behavior stages and characteristics

Consumer buying behavior is all consumer-related personal behaviors that occur around the purchase of living materials. Including the formation of demand motives, the occurrence of purchase behaviors and the summary of post-purchase feelings, the psychological activities, physiological activities and other substantive activities displayed in the purchase or consumption process. Consumer buying behavior stage: 1. Confirm the […]

What is Auchan

Auchan is the second largest retail business group in France and one of the top ten retailers in the world. It was established in Lille in northern France in 1961. Auchan official website: The main business of Auchan Group is large supermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores, as well as the processing and production industries and […]