Dangerous package certificate

The full name of the Dangerous Package Certificate is the “Entry-Exit Goods Packaging Performance Inspection Result Sheet”, referred to as the “Dangerous Package Certificate”. The “Dangerous Package Certificate” is used for special cartons for export of dangerous goods. It is mainly used for products that require the export of dangerous goods packaging according to national regulations, such as: cosmetic epoxy glue, toner, nail polish, perfume, electric hair lotion, spray, lithium battery , Lighters, etc.

There are two dangerous package certificates, one is the performance certificate, the full name is the performance appraisal result sheet of the dangerous goods transport packaging, this certificate is provided by the packaging factory to the exporter. The other is the use certificate, the full name is the identification result sheet for the use of the export packaging of dangerous goods.

Dangerous package certificate requires a packaging performance sheet to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for commodity inspection and then change the package use sheet. This use sheet is the dangerous package certificate.
What is really needed for export is the certificate of use of dangerous packages.

There is one more procedure for the export declaration of dangerous goods than general cargo, that is, the port supervision declaration, and the port supervision declaration requires the dangerous package certificate. If the exporter does not have the dangerous goods certificate when exporting the dangerous goods, it will be declared at the port supervisor. Can’t let it go, the cabinet can’t get on the boat.

Common Names for Dangerous Package Certificates

1. “Entry-Exit Goods Packaging Performance Inspection Result Sheet” issued by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Classification of dangerous package certificates issued by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the People’s Republic of China

Dangerous package certificate mainly has two aspects, performance certificate and use certificate. The performance certificate is relatively simple, and can be issued by regular manufacturers that generally provide packaging; the use certificate is more complicated, and the performance certificate must be applied to the local commodity inspection bureau of the factory that produces dangerous goods. After the commodity inspection bureau has checked the product with this packaging, it can be I got the license. However, the application for the license is more troublesome. The regulations of the local commodity inspection bureaus are not very the same. You can go to the local commodity inspection bureau of the factory for consultation.