French e-commerce platform: Cdiscount

Cdiscount is the largest e-commerce platform in France, mainly in the form of low-cost wholesale. Its products cover toys, electronic products, household appliances, baby products, bags, toys, etc.

Cdiscount 官 网 : https: //

Cdiscount can sell products:

1. DVD, Blu-ray, books and music;

2. Computer, photography, telephone and audio-visual equipment;

3. Household appliances, household goods and furniture;

4. Cooked food, wine and alcoholic beverages;

5. Fashion, cosmetics, baby products and jewelry;

6. Musical instruments, pet supplies and luggage.

Products not available for sale on Cdiscount:

1. Product sales or marketing that adversely affect intellectual property, industrial property rights and any other applicable rights.

2. Items that are discriminatory or inciting violence (weapons, toys, and weapon replicas, etc.), or items that arouse racial, religious or ethnic hatred.

3. Live animals.

4. Loot.

5. Advertising, including link form.

6. Drugs, any kind of drugs, articles that encourage the use of drugs.

7. Items are easy to cause danger to health, safety or the environment.

8. Unable to legally provide or sell items that may damage public policies or the rights of third parties.

9. The items offered or sold may damage morals or the image of Cdiscount.

Cdiscount entry requirements:

1. Business license;

2. The front and back of the legal person’s ID card, the legal person holding the ID card to take photos, and the front and back of the supervisor’s ID card;

3. Take screenshots of public third-party payment information and background;

4. Other European platform sales links and screenshots of orders (Amazon or eBay apply for the company’s European site, AliExpress 1000 rating/a year/praise 90% or more, Wish 200 rating or more than 4 stars).