How to deal with cat litter, how to clean cat feces in cat litter

Cats use cat litter to bury their poop. It is generally used together with the litter box, so it is also called a cat toilet. The poop in the cat litter needs to be scooped out by the cat owner with a cat litter shovel. If the cat owner does not know how to use the cat litter, then let’s take a look at how to use the cat litter and what to pay attention to when choosing it.

  1. Clean up cat litter on time

Cat litter is used by cats every day, so the litter should be kept clean so that the cat will not dislike it when using it because cat owners know that cats are famous for being clean. If the litter is dirty, then Maybe the cat will pull it indoors without using it. Cat litter should be cleaned up after the cat defecates. If the cat owner is busy at work and has no time to clean up, then the cat litter can be cleaned up before going out in the morning and cleaned up again at night before going to bed to keep the cat litter clean.

  1. Regularly replace the cat litter

Cat litter is not used all the time, and it needs to be replaced. If the cat litter is not replaced for a long time, the bacteria in the cat litter will be more, so the cat is not good for the body when it is used, and the cat litter is too dirty. The cat will not use it, so the cat owner should pay attention to regularly replace the cat with new litter, usually once a month. Some cat owners prefer to be clean, and if they are cleaner, they may be replaced in half a month. This is to see The specific circumstances of the cat owner.

  1. Pay attention to choosing a good cat litter

There are many types of cat litter on the market, so there are many manufacturers. Of course, not every kind of cat litter is good, and there are some relatively inferior cat litters. This kind of cat litter may be bad when used. It’s hard to say if the health is not good. Therefore, cat owners should pay attention when choosing cat litter and check the brand and reputation of cat litter. If the brand of cat litter is good, then the reputation will not be bad.

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