India’s mother and baby e-commerce platform: FirstCry

India’s maternal and child e-commerce platform, FirstCry’s office is currently located in Pune, and orders are shipped from warehouses located across India.

FirstCry official website:

Features of FirstCry:

1. Retailers settled in + self-operated brand

At first, the mother and baby products on FirstCry were completely dependent on their own supply inventory. A few years later, FirstCry introduced retailers to the platform, enriched product categories, and launched its own brands Baby Hug (clothing) and Cute Walk (shoes) on the platform.

2. Offline store in franchise mode

Considering that the Internet penetration rate in the second and third tier cities in India is still very low, since 2014, FirstCry has expanded its offline stores on a large scale, and the way of franchising has allowed the rapid development of offline stores. Now there are more than 400 offline stores throughout India. Physical stores, mainly in undeveloped cities.

3. Featured promotion methods for maternal and infant products

In terms of marketing or advertising strategy, FirstCry rarely carried out Internet, print, or TV publicity in the early days, mainly word-of-mouth communication. Among them, the more distinctive one is the “Firstcry Box”, which directly establishes contact with more than 6,000 hospitals across India. Present the “Firstcry Box” to the mother to celebrate the birth of the newborn.