ShopBase cross-border e-commerce independent station platform

ShopBase is the first e-commerce platform dedicated to DropShipping, on-demand printing and white labeling launched by OpenCommerce Group on June 22, 2019.

Nature: SAAS platform of cross-border e-commerce independent station

Launch time: 2019


Introduction to ShopBase

OpenCommerce Group has nearly 10 years of development experience in the e-commerce industry and has the opportunity to work hand in hand with thousands of sellers around the world. In the process of development, we have discovered the opportunities and challenges faced by multinational companies in their operations. OCG Group hopes to create a more complete and innovative business environment for them, so we launched ShopBase. ShopBase is part of the OCG Group's product ecosystem. The platform was created to improve the DropShipping and Print on Demand (POD) experience for merchants and consumers.

ShopBase storefront

-The sales website on ShopBase adopts the latest technology, the website loads fast, and the conversion rate is high.

-Users can easily edit all pages on the ShopBase store, including the homepage, product information page or checkout page.

-Each website provides Facebook and Google feed support.

-ShopBase supports up to 250 variants per product, unlike Shopify which is limited to 100 variants.

ShopBase App Library

ShopBase has integrated many free applications and plug-ins, making the merchant's Dropship business simple and easy.

-Boost Upsell: Increase order value and sales through smart upsell functions

-Boost Convert: Increase conversion rate with pop-up window and countdown timer

-Migrate to ShopBase: Easily transfer your Shopify and Woocommerce stores to ShopBase

-Ali Dropship Connector: Import product information from AliExpress to ShopBase

-Mabang ERP: Better handling of orders, management of warehousing and management of logistics methods

-PrintHub: PrintHub exited by ShopBase can meet the needs of POD customers. PrintHub allows sellers to work directly with printing houses, while helping POD sellers solve all fulfillment problems, such as: receiving goods, warehouse storage, order processing, and delivery.

-SiteKit: Free bulletin board and email capture tool to increase sales

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ShopBase Transportation (CrossPanda)

CrossPanda is a large-scale Dropshipping agent belonging to ShopBase. It purchases products from local Chinese manufacturers at the best prices, and then takes care of the merchant's packaging and transportation process.

-CrossPanda average delivery time is 6-12 days (equivalent to AliExpress delivery time)

-The prices of products provided by CrossPanda are cheaper than AliExpress

-CrossPanda will first test the product quality for the seller to ensure that the goods are running well.

-CrossPanda provides high-quality packaging services, which package products according to the standards of professional e-commerce companies such as Amazon or Tiki. You can print a logo on the packaging or print a thank you card and put it inside, which helps build your own brand and improve the quality of service.

-ShopBase has been docked with Paypal, and the order waybill number in the background will be synchronized to Paypal to help sellers reduce the rate of disputes about Paypal.

ShopBase payment gateway

-Support Paypal, Paypal pro, Braintree, Stripe, ShopBase Payment (coming soon), Asiabill (coming soon)

-Multiple card types support Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, etc.

-Support multi-currency payment

ShopBase package fee