What is the best email tool : Gmail

Gmail is Google’s free webmail service. It can keep important emails, files, and pictures forever, and use search to quickly and easily find any content you need, making this new way of viewing emails as part of a conversation more logical.

What is Gmail

Gmail is an intuitive, efficient and useful email application. Free 15 GB storage space, excellent spam filtering function, and support for mobile access.

After Google announced the launch of the Gmail service, many people were concerned about user privacy.

According to Google’s privacy policy, it will not disclose the privacy of users. In the privacy protection policy of the Gmail service, it is stated that “the user’s email will not be read manually in order to determine what advertisements to send, and other information without the user’s permission will not be provided”, an analysis of the user’s email content It is done entirely by computer. Google also pointed out in the service privacy policy that even if the user deletes the email in the mailbox, a copy of the email will still be kept in the system, but Google does not think so.