What is the Factory Market platform

Factory Market is a European e-commerce platform. It is a cross-border e-commerce platform factorymarke that belongs to a new retail model, using mobile e-commerce plus offline retail.

Factory Market official website: https://www.corporate.factorymarket.com/

Factory market is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and its main battlefield is in the German market, but it has also gradually shifted its sights to France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain, and its investment proportion exceeds that of the German site.

Advantages of Factory Market platform:

1. FactoryMarket is a mobile APP shopping platform. The current installation volume exceeds 1 million, and the daily installation volume in one month has exceeded 5,000. The platform has huge potential. It currently ranks third after wish and eBay in Germany.

2. FactoryMarket’s model is not limited to O2O, but O2O + cross-border B2C model

3. Provide offline chain store sales opportunities

4. No need for tedious docking and online work

5. Easily obtain online and offline sales in the European market

Factory Market platform related policies:

1. FactoryMarket provides free technical and customer service support;

2. No entry fee, security deposit, annual fee, etc., only the commission part is charged;

3. Loans twice a month, and merchants from FactoryMarket’s partner stores will have a preferential policy of commission reduction or exemption for the first month.