What is the SMS sending platform

The SMS sending platform is an Internet-based SMS sending system, which can realize various functions such as customized sending of SMS, group sending, and reminding. SMS is actually a group of SMS messaging software installed on the computer. It generally has basic functions such as single SMS, multiple SMS, multiple SMS, multiple SMS grouping, and some have certain crm management functions. It is also the main carrier of current business information.

The SMS sending platform is based on the upstream and downstream SMS interface resources directly provided by telecom operators, and integrates customer management, group management, sending record management and account management, and realizes batch sending of customer/designated number SMS and customized sending platform.

There are two types of SMS sending platforms: web version and software version. Online SMS sending platform, log in through a browser, you can send multiple SMS or single SMS. The web SMS sending platform is mostly used for merchants and shops to manage members and send marketing SMS. A considerable part of online shop management software uses computers. technology.

The software SMS sending platform generally needs to be installed on the host computer, and the sending of the SMS is controlled by the software SMS on the host computer. The SMS sending platform only provides one tool, which specifically realizes the mass sending of SMS, but also needs to access the SMS channel.

The texting platform sends relevant information such as “discount information”, “promotional activities”, and “new product launches” to target customers’ mobile phones, creating unlimited business opportunities for companies to establish brand images or occupy the market, and can also greatly reduce corporate advertising cost.