What marketing tool is Ubersuggest

At present, there are many charging marketing tools on the market, such as similarweb, semrush, KWfinder, etc., but among the tools I have used, ubersuggest is my first recommendation, not only because of its powerful functions, but also because it was all free in the past few years. But at present this tool has finally embarked on the road of payment.

Here, you can choose a different country, such as the United States, and then enter the URL or keyword of the competitor’s website,

Enter keywords: You can see the average monthly search volume, seo difficulty, payment difficulty, and Google advertising cpc bid for this keyword.

At the same time, you can also click “Keyword Suggestion” on the left side of the tool to see how many similar keywords ubersuggest recommends to you. The monthly average search volume of each keyword, SEO difficulty, etc. will be displayed.

I wrote an introduction to SEO tools before, which slightly mentioned the SEO tool ubersuggest. This tool is also I often use. It can be used with google keyword planner and google trends for good product selection and market analysis.

Recently, ubersuggest has carried out an update, which integrates the functions of SEMRUSH and BUZZSOMO tools, mainly completely free. It is indeed a tool of conscience.

Well, let’s take a look at how to use UBERSUGGEST correctly to help us do foreign trade SEO.

  1. Enter the tool address app.neilpatel.com/en/ub
  2. Enter product keywords in the search box, such as furniture, and select the country and region on the right. After clicking search, the keyword information will appear
  3. Below we can see the keywords idea, which shows the keywords that other users often search for based on the big keyword of furniture. From these keywords, we can find out which products the user is concerned about, or which attributes. , We can click view all keywords idea to see all keyword information, which can be downloaded
  4. The new version of UBERSUGGEST also has a very powerful function that is to analyze the top ranking websites of keywords. This is a reference to the functions of SEMRUHS and AHRFS
  5. Neil Patel himself also said that the following functions are still being improved, and will refer to the answer the public tool to expand content ideas. This function is more suitable for content marketing.

By the way, here is one more suggestion when collecting keywords:

  1. Collect business vocabulary related to your own industry. Pay attention to the business vocabulary. It is obvious that users search with this word with a very strong purchase intention.
  2. Don’t ignore related keywords. This is the drop-down keyword that appears when you search in the Google search box, as well as the related keywords at the bottom of the search page.
  3. Try to avoid big words that are difficult to compete, and use words with a slightly lower degree of competition, which means that the search volume is relatively large, but the CPC bid is not a high keyword.
  4. Also use google trends for market analysis.

PS: You can view the popular seo pages of this website. At the same time, you can see that each popular page is ranked in Google for those keywords, and even the ranking of each keyword is detailed, and how much traffic is brought in each month.

At the same time, we can also see the distribution of external links of popular web pages on the website, so that we can follow our competitors to operate external links.

Note: If you run Google Ads, you can also use this tool, because this tool can provide a lot of keywords you can’t imagine, but one thing to note, the difficulty of paying for keywords displayed by Ubersuggest is not very accurate, many The keyword shows the difficulty of paying 100 points (full marks), but this is not the case when the real Google ads are running.

At present, ubersuggest charges 70 RMB per month, and there is only one version, which can be described as a very conscientious price. In comparison, similarweb is the cheapest monthly at 199 dollars, semrush is the cheapest monthly at 99 dollars, and kwfinder is the cheapest at 29.9 U.S. dollars, and the cheapest packages of these three tools have various usage restrictions, which is very inconvenient.