What platform is FNAC

FNAC is a French local e-commerce platform, its full name is: Fédération Nationale d’Achats Cadres, which means “National Managers Purchasing Alliance”.

FNAC official website: https://www.fnac.com

Fnac settled process:

First click on the login page: the page requires you to log in to your email account, and friends who cannot read French can switch to English. Or use Google traffic device to translate into Chinese.

Then fill in personal information, including email address, name, gender, date of birth, store name and password. Note: When creating the FNAC store name, the name cannot exceed 15 characters and cannot be duplicated.

Then fill in the company information: including address, zip code, customer service phone number, company phone number, language used by the store, and country.

Finally: company information: including VAT, SIRET, store links to other e-commerce platforms, company names, documents that can prove the company’s legitimacy, company addresses, customer service mailboxes, etc. After checking, click Submit and wait for review. This is the FNAC settlement process.