What platform is GittiGidiyor, and GittiGidiyor entry conditions

GittiGidiyor is a Turkish e-commerce platform, an auction-type website similar to eBay, established on February 5, 2001. In 2007, eBay was optimistic about the future of Gittigidiyor and immediately acquired a small amount of shares. In April 2011, with the development of the e-commerce industry and the Turkish e-commerce market, eBay increased its shareholding in GittiGidiyor to 93%, making it one of eBay’s breakthroughs in the Turkish market.
 GittiGidiyor official website: https://www.gittigidiyor.com/
 GittiGidiyor settled process:
 Register a platform account. Just like most platforms, you only need to simply fill in the information to register an account. The information that needs to be filled includes: name, email, user name, password, and mobile phone number. 
 Note: The email must be complete and valid. All information exchanges on the Gittigidiyor platform will pass through this registration email; the user name needs to be considered, because once registered, it cannot be modified later; for international sellers, a local agent is required, because the account must be filled in when registering Turkish local mobile phone number.
 After completing the registration, complete the registration after completing the account information in the account center. The information that needs to be improved includes: 
 (1) Address information: What needs to be noted here is the return and exchange address. Consumers proceed according to the address notified by the seller's email instead of the address filled in by default in the system.
 (2) Mobile phone number verification: Only the user who verifies the mobile phone number can obtain the membership and have the membership ID. Consumers can see the member ID when searching for the seller's information, which can increase consumers' shopping confidence.
 (3) Improve bank account information: An account without complete bank information cannot sell products.
 (4) Operator information authentication: The seller's information must be perfected, either for individuals or companies. If the seller's information is not perfected, the Gittigidiyor platform will not be able to charge the seller.
 GittiGidiyor fees:
 Product listing fee: The Gittigidiyor platform is divided into ordinary sellers, primary e-commerce, specialty stores, super stores, super + stores, and private stores.
 Platform commission: The Gittigidiyor platform charges sales commissions according to different types of products, and the approximate range is 6%-17%.